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"I have worked with Erick for a number of years at The Last Frontier Theatre Conference in Alaska. He is a talented actor and a joy to work with."

Laura Gardner

Professional Actress/Acting Coach (Howard Fine Acting School)

"But it is her scene partner Erick Hayden who most catches our eye as the perplexed boyfriend retorting with a ‘dump me or marry me’ ultimatum.

Hayden later successfully returns in a second scene from The Ugly One by Marius von Mayenburg, winning him an expert’s choice mention. Once again, he swerves brilliantly between the fine lines of comedy and drama."

Jennifer Reischel, The Stage 

"Erick Hayden was a Renaissance Man when he was a member of the Award Winning Cyrano's Theatre Company in Anchorage Alaska. He not only appeared on stage with great versatility but successfully directed a number of plays as well including HAROLD AND MAUDE which broke attendance records. Erick is also a talented sound designer, choreographer, etc etc and frequently contributed to the technical quality of our productions."

Sandy Harper

Owner/Producing Artistic Director of Cyrano's Theatre

"In 'The Toymaker' Erick turned in one of the most impressive screen performances I've ever had the privilege to direct. His thorough preparation, attention to detail and instinct for the character really shone through when he instantly nailed the perfect tone in every scene. Erick's ability to take the character from cordial to intense at a moment's notice was masterful. I asked Erick to improvise and he inhabited his character so completely that he was able to effortlessly come up with powerful new moments which greatly enhanced the scripted scenes.  He managed to make a cold, calculating character engrossing and charismatic.
Erick never once shied away from embracing the challenging aspects of the character's dark personality. He is a truly fearless actor and in my opinion one of the very best in the business.

Andrew Jones, director of "The Toymaker" 

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