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Masters, Acting, Guildford School of Acting

BA, Theatre Arts, University of Alaska Anchorage

Acting Coach, Laure MacConnell





Dialects: RP, Southern U.S.A. (Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Mississippi, Texas)*, Alaskan*, Minnesota, Midwest*, Boston, California, New York; Canadian*, Russian, German*


Dancing: Ballroom*, Swing*, Latin, Freelance; Choreography


Singing: Bass/Baritone


Instruments: Accordion


Stage Combat: APC Intermediate - Sword, Dagger, Shield, Rapier & Dagger

Sports: Bowling*, Volleyball, Darts


Other Skills: Yoga, Cooking, Sound Design,* Video Editor, Writer, Film Score expert, Movie/sports trivia expert


* Highly Proficient


Height: 5'11" / Eyes: Blue / Hair: Brown

Spotlight: 3419-0167-7374

Acting Agent:

Narrow Road Company

Adam Mendelsohn

2010 - present

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