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 Film Clips 

St. Elias

Directed by Dan Thorburn & Dom Old

Longfield Drive

Directed by Kiosa Sukami

Silver Wheels Ferndown

Directed by Joshua Reeves

Suspicion: Season 2

Episode 5

BBC Newsnight


Pull my Trigger

Miike Snow

50 Ways to Kill your Lover

Episode: Rev. Harvey Crews

The Applicant (clip)

Directed by Laura Smith

New Mumbai (clip)

Directed by Tobias Revell

Baby Geniuses 3

Directed by Sean McNamara

Smoke & Shadows (clip)

Directed by Michael Bergstrom

2013 Staples Commercial

Obsession: Dark Desires

Episode: Colette Dwyer

BBC 4 News

Lockerbie 25 Scene

2014 Cvent Commercial

The End

Directed by Adam Morris


Directed by Andy McQuade

Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

Directed by Karel van Bellingen

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